Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will still be able to complete the process. We pass your email id to myCAMS & check for registry details. If not registered, you will be navigated to the myCAMS registration page, you can complete the registration process and can log in and continue the journey.

You can change the password in myCAMS page upon clicking the forgot password option and follow the instructions. Upon changing the password successfully, you can continue the journey to avail of the facility.

On loan account creation an overdraft limit will be set up with MAFS. This account will have an available limit, which you can withdraw as and when you require it up to the available limit. Every time you withdraw money from the account available limit drops with same amount & vice versa when you make repayment. There is no capping & charges on number of money withdrawals & repayments made.

To withdraw money from your Loan Against Securities

  • - Login to your account via Web or App
  • - Click “Withdraw Now”
  • - Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
  • - Authenticate with OTP

Done, money will be credited directly to your bank account.

Your withdrawal request may take up to 4 working hours to process. Any request received after 5 pm and on a non-working day will be processed on the next working day.

Yes, you can prepay your loan as per your convenience without any charges. There is no capping on number of repayments made.

To make prepayment/ repayment

  • - Login to your account via Web or App
  • - Click “Pay Now”
  • - Select loan account & enter the amount you want to Pay.
  • - On submit, you will be navigated to Billdesk.
  • - Use Netbanking, UPI or Debit card to complete payment.

Done, money will be adjusted to your Loan Against Securities account.

Please Note: Interest payments cannot be made via Pay Now facility. Payments made via Pay Now facility will only be adjusted against principal amount.

The securities in the overdraft account are revalued everyday. If the value of your securities drops, the eligible limit of your overdraft account also drops, (revised collateral value x LTV%). If the utilized amount is more than the revised eligible limit, the difference between the eligible limit and the utilized amount is considered to be overdue. In such cases a demand is made asking the borrower to clear the overdue amount either by making payment towards the overdue amount or pledging additional securities. This is known as a margin call. The borrower needs to clear the overdues in stipulated time as per below table. If their value increases, your eligible limit automatically increases and if utilized amount is less than revised eligible limit then your account will not have overdue amount.

Example: Arun has pledged securities of worth Rs.10 lakhs and has created an OD account with eligible loan limit of Rs.4.5 lakhs (45% of 10 lakhs). Arun has utilized this entire limit by withdrawing Rs.4.5 lakh. If the value of the pledged securities drops to Rs.9.5 Lakhs due to market volatility. The eligible limit is revised to Rs.4.27,500 (45% of 9.5 lakhs). Since the utilized amount is more than the eligible amount, Arun will receive a margin call of Rs.22,500 (4,50,000-4,27,500). Since the utilized amount falls within the initial range (45 to 50%) as shown in the table below, he has a grace period of 75 days to clear the overdue amount in his loan account.

Sr. No Shares/Equity Mutual Funds LTV Debt Mutual Funds LTV No. of days to regulate
1. >45% - 75 days
2. >50% >80% 7 days
3. >55% >85% 5 days
4. >60% >90% 3 days
5. >65% >95% 1 day

In case of interest bounce, the entire interest amount and other charges become overdue. The borrower will be requested to make overdue payment using the Pay Now facility. If the borrower fails to make overdue payment within 74 days, Mirae Asset Financial Services reserves the right to invoke/ sell the underlying securities to the extent of overdue amount and recover.

The account can also enter in overdue state if the value of securities drop and the utilized amount is more than the revised eligible limit. The difference between the utilized amount and the revised eligible limit in such case becomes overdue.

You may deposit additional cash equivalent to the overdue amount or deposit additional securities via top-up. If the pledged collateral value increases again the account is automatically regularized.

At present, it is not possible to digitally lien mark or pledge Mutual Funds held in demat form through Mirae Asset Financial Services.

Mutual funds from both CAMS and Kfintech can be lien marked or pledged in a single loan account. You will have to create a loan account by lien marking or pledging mutual funds with any one RTA. Post the loan creation you can use the top-up facility to lien mark or pledge mutual funds from other RTA. You will get a single loan account with an eligible amount calculated based on mutual funds lien marked or pledged from both RTAs.

Note: Processing fee of Rs 999/- + Taxes will be applicable for the first loan & a Top-up fee of Rs 500/- + Taxes will be applicable for Top-up.

To pledge both Equity Mutual Funds and Debt Mutual Funds, two separate loan accounts will have to be created.

You may check the list of banks facilitating e-mandate process here

An eMandate serves as a digital payment solution that enables Indian businesses to easily collect recurring payments without the need for human intervention. Mandate limit refers to the maximum permissible amount that can be deducted from the account holder's bank account through an automated payment system. However deductions on your account will only be as per actuals.

Loan against securities is provided as an overdraft facility. Hence there is no fixed repayment schedule or EMI for the principal amount. You can make principal repayments anytime during the loan tenure as per your convenience. You will be charged only interest on a monthly basis which will be auto debited from the registered bank account. Interest is calculated based on the utilized amount and for a number of days the amount is utilized.

Yes, lien marking or pledging of securities is safe. The pledging of securities happens at the RTAs (CAMs and/or Kfintech) or Depository (NSDL), firms registered with SEBI with proper authentication.

At present, it is not possible to digitally lien mark or pledge Shares held with CDSL through Mirae Asset Financial Services.

If your loan account creation fails after pledging the securities, your securities will be absolutely safe and secure since the lien marking or pledging happens at RTAs/Depository. You can reach customer support at 1800 2099 180 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm) or write at The support team will either clear the issue faced or send your securities for depledging to RTAs/depository.

Mirae Asset Financial Services has the authority to sell your securities under specific circumstances. This typically occurs in situations where regulatory requirements or legal obligations necessitate the sale of these funds.

If the overdue amount due to one of the below reasons is not repaid in the stipulated time as per the agreed terms and conditions, Mirae Asset Financial Services has the authority to sell your securities.

  • - Failed interest payment or
  • - Drop in value of your securities where utilization is more than eligible limit or
  • - On maturity where the outstanding amount is not repaid

This action is considered as a last resort to recover the outstanding amount.

On maturity, you have an option of renewing your loan account for further 12 months. If renewed, any principal amount utilized is carried forward to the next year. If you wish not to renew your loan account, you will be requested to repay the outstanding amount before maturity date. The utilized amount if any on maturity will become overdue and the same needs to be repaid within 7 days.

Close-ended or locked-in units of mutual funds are not part of the approved list of mutual funds. Lock-in free units of ELSS/ Tax saver funds are eligible for pledging or lien marking and availing loan against mutual funds. You can check approved list of mutual funds from

If the money is debited from the bank account and is not reflected in the loan account, the transaction may be pending at your bank's end for settlement. It will reflect in the loan account within 72 working hours or the amount will be refunded back to your bank account. If the transaction remains pending beyond this timeframe, please contact your bank, as the transaction is still in process/pending on their end. Payment is considered successful upon reflection or settlement within Mirae Asset Financial Services' system; additionally, interest will accrue (if applicable) until the settlement date.